Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Drug=New Experience

This week's treatment was the first of four Taxol treatments that I will be receiving. I was encouraged by the medical folks who said this would be an easier drug to tolerate than the A/C rounds...and in many ways it has been. But like my doctor said, it is a whole new ballgame, any sort of "routines" I was able to establish before would be null and void for this new drug.

And so this week has been filled with new experiences; the infusion itself wasn't too bad, though it took longer than the other (3.5 hours just for the drip). The day following treatment was great, but days 3 and 4? A bit more of a challenge. They had warned me that deep muscle and bone aches were a typical reaction. Dr. Buys asked if I had any pain meds at home, I said that I had some left over oxycodone, but I wouldn't be taking those, as they have their own slew of bad side effects. She kind of rolled her eyes with a look of "hmmmmm, we shall see" and said keep the ibuprofen and tylenol handy. I promised I would. In the early hours of Thursday morning, I woke up wondering how a big truck could have run me over in the middle of the night...the muscle pain was a little shocking. Not feeling well enough to get up and get food and take more meds, I spent a wakeful night.

In the morning, I got out of bed and got ready for work, figuring I could be in pain at work just as well as at home. My poor co-workers, when asking how I was got a grumpy "today's a crapy day" response...they were in for the same on Friday too, I am afraid to say. After popping the little drugs all day, I came home and succumbed to the oxy. It helped me get a good three hours of sleep. Friday was the same song, second verse, as was Friday night. Only this time, my sweet mother came to care for me. Thankfully, Saturday the pain eased up, and continued to get better as Sunday rolled along. At this point, I am hopeful that the worst of that particular reaction is over, and that I have another 8 good days ahead. This whole process is nothing if not an adventure.

I am sorry to have been silent to those of you who have kindly called and emailed...but know that I am grateful for your care and attention. As always, your support is what keeps me going. Thank you for continuing to create miracles in my life, you are wonderful. Much love to you all, gf


Six Foot Redhead said...

You're the best AND the bravest AND you forgot to comment on how Vicki, the oncology nurse, asked you if you'd be willing to counsel others who DO NOT possess your upbeat, positive outlook!

The Mom

Mary said...

Hey Darlin' -
I was hoping these next rounds wouldn't be so terrible but no such luck. You are such a brave soul and an inspiration to all. You constantly amaze me! Big hug to you.

jigs_84044 said...

Dear Gretchen,
Just finished reading you blog, I'm sorry you have to go through all that. I think about you often and your wonderful angel mother, and keep you both in my prayers. I am so happy that you have your little house. It is a comfort to you. I think.
Please know that we miss you in the ward. Your lessons and your being a friend.
I think you made a beautiful blonde. I'm sorry about the hair but keep wondering will it come in curly again? I hope so.
Lots of love,
Olive Jones

Matt said...

Gretty Gret Gret,

I love you--and am inspired by your persistent faith and endurance. Keep chugging you always do, and know how many are loving you with intensity and praying with great faith for your recovery and your happiness. I have no idea what it feels like--but I know you are a hero. And I am grateful always for your example to me and to so many. Love you... ~m