Sunday, May 24, 2009

The End of Treatment and Race Day

It is hard to believe that it has been two weeks since the end of my last radiation treatment. My skin is healing and I am gaining more energy everyday. My dear co-workers threw me a little celbration party which included a DELICIOUS cake made by Janet Howard.

The Race for the Cure was a wonderful experience with dear friends and family. I rollercoasted between laughing out loud at the hilarious sayings on tee shirts to getting teary-eyed at the "in memory of" signs on people's backs. Wearing a pink tee shirt myself this year was also a different experience; it made me part of the club, with feelings positive and negative. I heard a number of "congratulations", "good luck", "way to go" comments. It was also clear that I have now survived the number one killer of women, and that this will be a life-long fight...very sobering. It was so heartening though to see the amazing network of support which is available for every woman and every friend or family member of those who have been touched by breast cancer. It was a lovely day all the way around and the weather was perfect. My sweet doctor, Dr. Buys ran into me...literally, she was running the 5K as we walked the mile. My sweet mother made the mile (and all the extra walking to and from) with her very sore hip. It was a victory day indeed.